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January 14th, 2016 by

InstagramIf you’re not already addicted to Instagram, you might think that it’s only used to share pictures of pop-up burger joints and poolside selfies. However, the photo-sharing cell-phone app is actually a pretty handy way of staying social with the Mazda vehicle community and snapping some super-cool pictures of your beloved Mazda vehicle.

To get involved, all you need to do is download the Instagram app onto your smartphone, pick a username and start populating your profile with pictures of your Mazda vehicle. Check out our handy guide  below to taking the very best pictures to post.

There’s a range of filters and editing options available to make your pictures look (almost) professional. Plus you can tag up your images using the hashtag symbol (#) to ensure as many people as possible see your snaps. And, with over 300 Million active users on the app alone, that’s a lot of eyes!

If that’s not enough, you can search and follow like-minded Instagrammers to see pictures of their cars, and search existing hashtags to get involved in the community. So, get snapping and sharing! Who know who will see your pictures…

Better Pictures: The Zoom-Zoom Guide

  1. Frame your subject – Take time to square things up. Getting your horizon level really makes a difference and adds to a sense of balance. If you’re struggling to keep things straight, edit your picture after it’s been taken using the free leveling took in Instagram before uploading it.
  1. Check the background – When taking pictures and/or selfies with your Mazda vehicle, keep an eye on your background. You don’t want a tree or any other object sprouting out of your sunroof!
  1. Exposure – A camera can’t see light as well as your eyes can. Using an iPhone makes it easier to adjust the focal point of your picture. Just tap on the screen as you’re about to take your shot. If you’re taking a picture of a dark or light car this helps the smartphone camera to adjust.
  1. Light – Try to avoid shooting in the middle of the day as the sun can cast hard shadows on your image. The best time to photograph your car is the so-called “Golden Hour”. That is the precious 60 minutes before sundown. After that, the artificial light on the streets and in parking lots can be used to great effect.
  1. Creativity – Keep it fun and try a different take on the same theme. When you’re shooting your Mazda vehicle, try a close-up of as certain design feature. Or, totally change the look and feel of the photo by converting it to black and white. And don’t forget to tag the image with tags like #zoomzoommag #drivingmatters #mazdausa #mymazda #longlivetheroadster

Don’t forget, Beach Mazda and Beach Automotive Group are also on Instagram! Tag us as well with #beachmazda or #beachautomotivegroup because we love to see our Mazda vehicle drivers enjoying their Mazda moments!

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