100th Anniversary Special Editions

April 8th, 2020 by

January 2020 marked Mazda Motor Corporation’s 100th anniversary. The company certainly appreciates all of the support from their fans all over the world. To show their appreciation, Mazda announced 100th Anniversary Edition models. Keep reading for the specifics!

Looking Ahead

Mazda always goes to its fans in order to better understand how their vehicles can offer improvements to life. They focus on the smallest detail for the sake of increasing the ownership experience. According to Mazda “Each vehicle has been developed with an aspiration to look ahead, while also remembering and respecting the rich Japanese heritage that has guided the brand.” The new 100th Anniversary Special Edition models are going to be designed using the higher-trim levels of select vehicles. They will share design elements from the 1960 R360 Coupe. The 1960 R360 Coupe was Mazda’s very first passenger vehicle.

Looking Back

The R360 Coupe was developed with exceptional dedication, It certainly had a personality all of its own. It had a forward-thinking design, spritely features and inventive engineering. Those attributes would come to define Mazda for years to come. According to Mazda, “The micro-mini passenger car was powered by a four-cycle engine, unprecedented among its segment at the time. The stylish coupe and modest powertrain, combined with extensive weight-reduction efforts, helped allow the R360 Coupe to provide every owner with effortless driving performance.”

Keep in Mind

Please be advised however, that in light of the current global crisis, the United States availability of the 100th Anniversary Special Edition Models has not yet been announced. Please check back with Beach Mazda, as we will surely let you know when they will become available.

In the meantime, You are more than welcome to check out our fantastic Mazda inventory already here in Myrtle Beach. Have questions? Want to schedule a test drive? By all means, give Beach Mazda a call today!

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